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Prana Potions at Grey Moon!

Natalie Medina
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When I first came across Prana Potions and Maile Melcher, I was intrigued by her beautiful, responsibly handmade products and attention to detail, and her vast knowledge and willingness to share each step of her plant medicine creation process with the world. To find a maker that is responsible, educated, and consistent every step of the way in making her product is very special and rare. She is a proud member of Herbalists without Borders, a pledge member of the Natural Ingredient Resource Center “Truth in Labeling” Act, and a certified wildcrafter with a personal focus on Traditional Plant Medicine, Herbal Energetics, La’au Lapa’au, and Ayurveda. The ingredients of her plant medicine are either grown in her home garden on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, responsibly wild foraged, or organically sourced by trusted contacts. Prana Potions was established in 2015 and “is in a nutshell, [her] personal journey and collaborative effort in union with the primordial plant world.” Grey Moon is proud to now carry Prana Potion’s Sattva Empath Oil ($36). I personally use before we host events, workshops, or pop ups as a therapeutic, gentle reminder to ground myself and to create energetic boundaries.